Back Log Blogging

I've always meant to have an updated blog on this website but had trouble finding the time. 2016 is the year! In between real-time posts I want to blog about some of my older work as I upload the videos onto youtube. 

Anna and Peter... so many things to say! 
This was one of the first weddings that I ever filmed as a company and one of my first Polish weddings in Toronto.
These two were great! Just great! Relaxed, welcoming, happy, and very much in love. 

One of the things that I loved about their approach (in addition to Anna's beautiful lace shrug that she wore for their  catholic ceremony) was how much the wedding was geared towards celebrating their family and friends and having a great time. They also were so happy and beautiful just being themselves. Whenever a couple is as relaxed as they were it makes it so much easier to catch those awesome candid moments on camera. 

So happy they took a chance on me and let me share their day with them!