"The video has been circulated past the committee. They loved it!!!! You have done such an amazing job on this. I can’t thank you enough! (Reena)"


Featured In Elegant Weddings Magazine (click for link)


Recipient of Reena Media Award 2016


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I love it. Just love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO" - Tiffany Pratt (Branded Portrait)


"Girl, wow. Not really sure what to say...which is pretty hard to do!
There is one thing that might make a point though; my mom has watched it 30+ times since Thursday night...
We were all absolutely over the moon and super emotional...You really captured all the little things we missed and that's truly what we were hoping for. LOVE that you got the speeches and reactions - so awesome... your talent is exceptional and we're lucky that we got to witness it first hand and keep a little bit of it forever. Looking forward to a long relationship (what other life events can we hire you for?" - Aliki


"This is fantastic, Maria. Thank you so much. Beautiful work! ...Again, just wow. THANK YOU Maria!" - Amici (Branded Portrait)


"...Ohhhhh myyyy. Sorry, can’t see through the tears of joy in my eyes. OYE I CANNOT EVEN. I am SOOO blown away Maria – what an amazing compilation. I am soooo so glad we decided to include you in our day, and we are so fortunate to have this memento forever. Thank you a million times over Maria, really. The getting ready, and the ceremony, and the speeches weaving in with the evening, and the PARTY SCENE is just perfection. AND THE QUEENS SONG AT THE END!!!!  I can’t even believe this is real!!!" ... - Heather (Wedding)


"I must have watched it a thousand times already. You are a very talented woman and Peter and I would like to thank you so much for your hard work. The video was perfect- the music choices were perfect- we especially loved the candid moments. We really couldn't have chosen a better videographer" - Anna (Wedding)


"I got the link while at work and had to stop a minute in because I was tearing up...had to finish at home. Thank you so much!" - Peter (Wedding)

In tears over here, I love it! I can’t believe how great it turned out! - Heather (Branded Portrait)


Maria, you did an absolutely beautiful job on this. You captured the spirit of the day so perfectly. Thank you! - Jason (Wedding)


Hi Maria! Anjula and I LOVED the video! You have a great talent and I am so happy with the outcome. - Gavin (Wedding)
We love love love this!!! We couldn't have asked for a better video!!! Thank you so much!! - Anjula (Wedding)