Wedding planning can be stressful and confusing. Most brides are going through the process for the first and last time and want to get everything right. 

My experience as a wedding filmmaker has led me to note some things about wedding videos and weddings in general. Here are some things to think about for your wedding video and your

1) Why are you getting a video? 
This is an important question to ask yourself before you book your professional. The question can be answered in a plethora of ways ie. .. my friends all had one...  I want out of town family to experience the day... I want our future children to be able to watch it... and so on. The way that you answer this question impacts what you actually want to see from the video and is helpful for your wedding filmmaker to know. For example,  if you have a grandaunt who can't make it to your wedding who sent you your "something old" and you're getting a video in part so that she can experience your big day.. chances are it will be important that we get a shot of her gift and you want that footage in the final film. 

2) What kind of music do you want to use?

This is something that generally gets addressed after the wedding but it's not a bad idea to start thinking about it before and send your suggestions to your wedding filmmaker. A good filmmaker is aware of how composition, camera movement, lighting and colour affect mood. If you want your day set to a dewy romantic slow song than ideally the shots captured move gently and have soft lighting. If you want a fast paced dance oriented tune than the movement can be faster, the colours brighter.